Calsium Forte


• Each tablet contains
• Calcium Citrate Malate: 1000mg
• Calcitriol: 0.25mcg
• Cyanocobalamin: 1500mcg
• Vitamin K2-7: 90mcg
• DHA: 10mg
• Magnesium: 50mg


Calsium Forte gives the complete bone care,Calcium citrate increases calcium depositing in the bones that increase the density of the bones to them stronger. Vitamin K2-7 is a vitamin that improves bone and heart health. Methylcobalamin is an active form of Vitamin B 12. This helps in proper cell growth and development, helps in protein synthesis and production of blood.DHA in prevents bone loss by reducingosteoclastogenesis.Magnesium promotes heart and bonehealth.


• Osteoporosis
• Fractures